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Construction Law For Contractors

Construction Law for Contractors
Legal Issues in the Construction Industry

Being a successful contractor means making money.  But Construction is a risky business.  Gilsdorf Law, LLC can provide efficient and practical legal advice to let you keep the money that you make by managing the risks you take.

Legal Services for Homeowners

Legal Services for Homeowners
Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act
Contract Review

Having a new home built or major renovations done can be a difficult process. But there are laws out there to protect you.  Gilsdorf Law, LLC can help prevent problems before they arise and provide advice if issues do occur.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Independent Project Neutral

Mary Jo Gilsdorf has served as an Arbitrator or Mediator in over 100 cases.  Her industry experience allows her to readily understand complex construction issues and facilitate resolution or provide determinations on the merits of a case.

Legal Services for Contractors

Contractors are in the Business of Building.

Gilsdorf Law, LLC recognizes this and appreciates the need for efficiency and the necessity for timely response.

Gilsdorf Law, LLC can be your "Outside Inside Counsel" at the ready to assist your company with contracts, meeting the requirements of the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act in Pennsylvania, cost entitlement issues, claims analysis and development and other matters from the perspective of a seasoned construction professional. Ask about our Annual Retainer Plan offering reduced rates and ready access to services.

We take a proactive approach to advise clients on ways to prevent claims and disputes and to provide practical and pragmatic advice for the fast-paced construction industry. Having been inside a construction company, Mary Jo Gilsdorf understands the importance of client relationships and the need for responsive and practical advice to support her clients when dealing with client issues.

The management of risk in construction is not limited to insurance coverage but also encompasses the risk allocation among the construction team members to the party in the best position to manage the risk. 

Gilsdorf Law, LLC can offer the support you need to meet these objectives as your construction law firm.

Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation; Claim Preparation; Payment Issues; Mechanic's Liens

Contract Review, Drafting and Negotiation; Claim Preparation; Payment Issues; Mechanic's Liens

Legal Services for Homeowners

Making a Difference

Whether it is new construction or home improvement renovations, the construction process for Homeowners can be complicated and intimidating.

In Pennsylvania, there is a law that protects Homeowners called the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (or HICPA) but most Homeowners - and many Contractors - don't even know it exists!  Mary Jo Gilsdorf is very familiar with  this statute and can help Homeowners determine whether or not their contractors are licensed and insured properly, whether the contracts meet the requirements of HICPA and be proactive in preventing many issues that can arise like over-payment and defective or incomplete work.  

Some may question why they should pay an attorney to review things before construction begins, but a modest investment in legal fees may prevent tens of thousands of dollars in lost money and defective performance. Protect the investment of your home improvement by having Gilsdorf Law, LLC assist you before the project begins. Ask us about our Set Fee for vetting your contractor and reviewing your Home Renovation Contract.

And if the Home Improvement Contractor does not live up to the contract or the requirements of HICPA, Gilsdorf Law, LLC can provide practical advice on how to try to recover the excess funds paid, defend any Mechanic's Liens placed on the property and to seek compensation for the damages caused and the correction of defective construction. It is harder to collect after the damage is done, but there are ways to seek to recover.

Retain Gilsdorf Law, LLC as a member of your Home Improvement Construction Team to do what can be done to prevent problems before they occur.  

Home Improvement, Renovation, New Construction Contracts; Construction Defect & Payment Issues

Home Improvement, Renovation, New Construction Contracts; Construction Defect & Payment Issues

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Understanding the Process

The term "Dispute Resolution" or "ADR" applies to alternative methods for resolving legal disputes in a more cost effective and timely manner then litigation.  It can take many forms and is flexible as the parties themselves can choose the best methods and procedures to use to settle or resolve a case.  Almost any subject matter is a potential candidate for alternative dispute resolution.  Contractual in nature, ADR can be customized to suit the parties' needs.  ADR is also more private than litigation because the filings are not part of a public court record.

Mediation is a process of self-determination and the Mediator facilitates a mutually acceptable agreement to resolve the dispute between the participants.  In contrast, Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process where evidence is presented to the Arbitrator who then renders a decision in the form of an Award.

Whether serving as a Mediator or Arbitrator, Mary Jo Gilsdorf has the skill and experience to facilitate prompt and cost effective resolution to claims whether they arise during the construction process or involve other subject matter such as commercial disputes, landlord tenant disputes, real estate matters, personal injury, property damage or other commercial matters.  Between 2015 and 2018, she has conducted over 100 mediations and arbitrations.  Request her Curriculum Vitae for a complete description of her qualifications.

Mary Jo Gilsdorf

Mary Jo Gilsdorf serves as a Mediator or Arbitrator. She is also available to be an Independent Project Neutral on a Construction Project.  With over twenty years of hands-on experience in construction, she readily masters the details and complexities of construction claims and resolves the issues.